C# run application as windows service

This places it in services.

The Service

Failure actions specify what happens when the service fails. This can be accessed from services.

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This is a particularly nasty bit of pinvoke. Blame falls squarely on the function to change service configuration parameters, ChangeServiceConfig2 , because its second parameter specifies what type the third parameter is a pointer to an array of. This is fulfilled by GrantShutdownPrivilege. As an alternative to the pinvoke nightmare, this can also be done with sc.

How to work with Windows services in C#

ServiceHandle , System. DiscretionaryAcl , psd , 0 , out bufSizeNeeded ; if! InteractiveSid , null ; dacl. AddAccess AccessControlType.

The default development experience is painful

None , PropagationFlags. BinaryLength ]; dacl. GetBinaryForm rawDacl , 0 ; rsd. BinaryLength ]; rsd.

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  8. At first glance a Windows Service looks like old tech in an age of http everywhere. However they are a reliable proven platform that is easy to deploy , easy to remotely monitor , and it is actually trivial to embed a web-server inside one and ditch IIS entirely.

    [Solved] Can I run a C# console app as windows service on a computer? - CodeProject

    This makes them a good fit for running background tasks as a companion to your website, or for services where IIS is overkill or unwanted dependency. Windows services can run on any windows box without dependencies like IIS, auto-start on boot and run as a given user if needed. My biggest complaint is that the development experience is poor compared to traditional web or console apps.

    The default template is basically a console app with a special Service.

    How to create windows service using Visual Studio .Net & Install it.

    When you try and run the executable or F5 debug, you just get the Windows Service Start Failure error:. Not very helpful.

    Just tweak the template for console support

    Microsoft's guide to debugging services is an eleven step process to get a not quite normal attached debug experience. And add to that InstallUtil. There is a great library for simplifying Windows Service development called Topshelf. It has a set of features for simplifying installation and by default supports running the service on the console, giving us back a decent development experience however I usually find it has more features than I need.

    What is a Windows Service

    What i want can be achieved with a few lines of code. Change Program. Change this to Console Application in the projects Properties. This will make no difference to your service, but now you can actually debug your application. Run your service.