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The crucial difference is that the touchscreen takes up the majority of the front of the device and there is no numeric keypad. The S60 5th Edition UI is designed to be used with either finger touch or with a stylus. While the UI has a familiar S60 feel, it has been optimised for touch.

In portrait mode, two enlarged 'softkey labels' work as virtual keys for accessing menus i.

Options and other common actions; in landscape mode, there are four virtual buttons making up a toolbar which do the same thing. On screen icons and menus all respond to touch interaction. Many applications have been optimised to take advantage of touch interaction and the extra screen space available.

Web allows you to scroll around a page and select links using your finger, Calendar has a split screen view in landscape mode, Gallery lets you flick through media using your finger and so on. The has a number of extra touch-related customisations. Firstly, the Media Bar, which gives quick access to the key multimedia applications. This is a drop down menu-bar that appears on the right hand side of the screen when you press the dedicated Media Bar key.

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Second is the Contact Bar see image below which lets you put your favourite contacts on your homescreen and displays information about them. Nokia call this a 'human interface that truly puts people first'. While a direct comparison does have it uses, it is also worth noting that the three phones all occupy different segments. The is not a flagship device for Nokia; it does not have the Nseries branding, and this is reflected in its price point.

Clearly the will receive attention as Nokia's first S60 touch-enabled phone, but the touch features are best seen as an enabler rather than a central function.

Download TouchPiano application for Nokia 5800 Touchscreen phone

Nokia has long regarded touch as something that is a feature that is built into the platform - as such the is not Nokia's 'touch phone'; indeed, from now onwards, we can expect to see numerous S60 devices, from multiple licensees, taking advantage of the new touch capabilities of S Check back later for our hands-on impressions after we've got back from the launch event in London. Please leave your questions in the comments thread and we'll do our best to answer them or get you answers from Nokia.

S60 5th Edition announced. Evolving S Official Nokia XpressMusic Flash product page.

Nokia 5800 - touch-enabled, mid-range, music-focussed S60 phone

Official press release. It supports both finger and stylus touch. The has a stylus built in that is stored in a holder on the back left hand side of the device although you can use any other instrument too. Contact bar, a customised home screen which offers a people centric user interface. When a person is selected, an activity log of communication and recent feed entries is shown, along with action shortcuts for calling and messaging.

Contact bar is one of three choices for the home screen idle screen , the others are the standard basic home screen and the shortcut home screen which offers application and function shortcuts previously known as the active idle screen. Media bar drop down menu , which is accessible, at any time, via a dedicated key on the top right of the device. It offers shortcuts to the media functionality of the phone music, pictures, share, video and web. There are three text input methods available.

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First, via a virtual on screen QWERTY keyboard which is available in both landscape mode suitable for finger touch and portrait mode better suited to the stylus. Sun 14 Aug. Sat 10 Sep. Sat 26 Nov.

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