Draw something stopped working on my iphone

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Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Draw Something is not sending my password to my email Ask Question. Any ideas on how I can reset my password? This might be a silly suggestion but did you try looking in the the spam folder of your email?

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If you're not receiving an email using the password reset feature in the game, then it might be worthwhile emailing their support directly using the following email address as per this question regarding resetting passwords ; feedback omgpop. Dorfman96 Dorfman96 1.

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You're going to have to have your husband go into his Facebook account upper right corner, "Account Settings", and then to "Apps" and revoke authorization for Draw Something. Make sure you've logged out of Draw Something as well, then re-open the program. At that point, it should give you some "create account" or "connect with Facebook" options. Return to the app and try to connect with Facebook again, it's OK! You won't log in again, as this is functional as normal. You'll then have your accounts connected. Press on the name of the player and swipe your finger to the right right, a "delete" button would appear in which you can then delete a game.

Note that all progress in that game will be lost. This can be used to free up extra game space to get through the 30 active games limit. All Unanswered. How do I get my profile picture on Draw Something to change after I've changed the profile picture on Facebook? How come I didn't get to guess my partner's drawing? It goes straight to the word selection for my drawing. Even if they pass on my drawing, shouldn't they have to draw one of their own? I accidentally "authorized" my husbands Facebook account instead of my own. Do one of the following: To copy your drawing in the same project, drop the layer on it.

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  • To copy your drawing in another project, tap Close in the upper-right corner of the screen. Open the desired project and drop the layer on it. How do I delete drawings from a project? In a project, tap the Edit icon. Tap a sketch to select it. You can also select multiple sketches. Tap the Delete icon.

    How 'Draw Something' became a £113 million app in seven weeks

    How do I share a project on Behance? From the project banner, tap the Share icon. Tap Continue to Share. Drawings from the current project are displayed. Tap Edit to add or remove drawings. You can also add other files from Creative Cloud, Camera Roll, or even take a picture using the camera. Tap Continue. Select a cover image and tap Continue. Enter the information and tap Publish. How do I add my color themes from Creative Cloud Libraries?

    Tap a drawing tool to select it. Tap Color to open the Color Themes panel. Tap My Color and tap the color themes to select them. Tap accept to add the selected color themes. How do I add shapes from Creative Cloud Libraries? On a drawing. The Shapes panel opens. Tap My Library. Tap Change Library to select another library.

    Draw Something FAQ - SmartFaqt: FAQ Evolved

    Use Touch Slide to cycle through the shapes in the library, and place them on the canvas. Touch Slide is currently not available for iPhone and Android.

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    • Double-tap the shape to add it. How do I add assets from Creative Cloud Market? Tap the Add Layer icon. Market is currently not available for Android.

      Browse locate an asset and then tap Download. Choose a Creative Cloud Library. You can also create a library. Tap Open. The asset is placed in your drawing. You can adjust the layer opacity using the opacity sliders on the layers. What are the differences between Draw for iPad, iPhone, and Android?